Since 1990, Dynotec has provided engineering, construction management and surveying services to clients and communities throughout Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. We are routinely called upon to provide consulting design services on roadways, bridges, and water and sewer projects, while also providing an array of field and inspection services associated with construction and land surveying.

Who We Are

Dynotec is a group of experienced industry professionals with the passion for and dedication to client service, who employ time and quality efficiencies to maximize cost savings for our clients. Our expertise and focus on transportation and water resources infrastructure design and construction inform our high level of engineering disciplines in structural, environmental, mechanical, hydraulic, construction, and roadway.

What We Do

We assist public and private entities in upgrading and modernizing their transportation and water resources infrastructures, including roadways, highways, streets, water treatment and distribution, sewer treatment facilities, and collections. Our clients include ODOT, PennDOT, county engineers and municipalities, land development companies, and the energy companies of the Eastern Ohio and Western PA regions.

How We Do It

It's all about relationships, experience, and leadership, as well as ability and trust. Our clients value longevity and the belief that we will be there for them. They value our passion, commitment, and our staying power; the nostalgia of 27 years. So, time and again, they return for these valued relationships, our quality services, and our delivery on commitments. In the end, we earn this business because our partners and clients trust in us.