Good day. And thank you for your interest in Dynotec.

When I first started Dynotec in 1990 in Columbus, we were simply a two-man outfit providing transportation/bridge design services to the Ohio Department of Transportation and the local municipalities in Central Ohio. Since then, we have made a gradual but steady climb to more than 40 employees spread out over four offices in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Today, our service areas cover all of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Northern Kentucky.

Our growth was made possible, in part, by a confluence of three main factors: great relationships with our clients and partners; opportunities to participate in major projects; and commitment to quality and timely project execution. Our success was also the result of a long-standing culture of community involvement and giving back in support of causes and communities where we serve.

Another dimension to our success is our relationship with our employees. Our company means more than a place of employment. It represents love and family to a lot of our employees where people look out for each other; where new interns are given the opportunity and space to learn. That is why we have 20-year, 15-year, and 10-year stints among our current and past employees. The friendly atmosphere that pervades our organization allows for the seamless integration of new employees into the fold.

Building on the achievements of the last 27 years to serve our clients better ... that's my goal for the second quarter-century of Dynotec’s existence. To that point, I join you to contact our project managers and department heads for questions, concerns, or suggestions that facilitate that objective.

I hope you enjoy learning more about Dynotec, the services we offer, and the opportunities. Please come again.

Yours truly,

Tobias A. Iloka, PE