Construction Project Manager, Cleveland Office Manager

Mr. Commager has 31 years of experience as a construction project manager at the Ohio Department of Transportation, (ODOT). He has overseen over $250-million-dollars worth of projects in the course of his career. His responsibilities included: overseeing each construction project from start to finish, reading and interpreting the plans, specifications and standards to ensure quality of work, reviewing plans prior to submittal, leading and mentoring young engineers and inspectors, conducting bi-weekly progress meetings, writing and approving change orders, documenting all work performed by the contractors, meeting with residents and business representatives to resolve issues arising from construction, making field adjustments and design changes to meet field conditions and requirements. In 1996 he was awarded recognition by the governor at the time for, “Exemplary efforts to reduce costs, increase efficiency or safety, or improve services to the public” through Innovation Ohio.


B.S. Civil Engineering, Ohio State University (1989); M.S. Civil Engineering (Structures Focused), Ohio University (2018)


(440) 600-2245 (Office)
(216) 526-1749 (Cell)


“Innovation and customer-focused engineering, whether it be in design or construction management … these are two attributes about which I have always been most passionate. Listening to and understanding what the customer wants and delivering the best overall solution will create a return customer and maintain a strong, motivated workforce.”